Hi, It’s Linda here and I’m a copywriter specializing in direct response, email sequences, blog copy, e-books, and SEO for the finance, travel and self-help industries.

I work closely with online business owners who have information products and e-courses to sell, or who simply want to boost their online presence with an extra e-book, some email copy, a lead generation page or SEO.

You know how difficult it is to find the right mix of content needed to market your business online. Well, that’s what I do. I understand what’s involved in producing top-quality content that covers all the bases for what your online business needs, and I’ll work closely with you to make sure that is achieved.

I can also help you with the following:

- white papers
- articles
- leads
- PR material (press releases)

I’m a graduate of English from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and since then I have gone through a few incarnations in the fields of education, banking, real estate, writing, marketing and personal development and coaching and all of these experiences have helped me to gain insight into various different niches and produce great content on these topics. I can also cover other topics as requested.

When I’m not writing, teaching or coaching, I’m usually reading, doing yoga, working on my own personal development blog or keeping up with online marketing trends.

I am CopyPress certified and a member of American Writers and Artists Inc. AWAI.


If it’s simple blogging you need, then I’m happy to help with the following topics:

  • Personal development, (yoga, meditation, Reiki etc.)
  • Travel (especially around Turkey and surrounding areas)
  • Real estate (used to work for a real estate valuer so am a pretty dab hand here)
  • The economy (again used to write economic reports so no problem with this topic)
  • Language teaching and esl (qualified language teacher)
  • Medical tourism
  • Online marketing (SEO, keyword research, social media etc.)
  • Management, leadership, entrepreneurship
  • Astrology (creative, witty and unapologetically complicated cancer)
  • Dating (did it for years, have more experience than you care to imagine – now happily attached THANK GOD)
  • Pets (certified cat freak)
  • Hypnosis (great topic – love it. Wanted to be a hypnotherapist at one stage but God had other plans)
  • Religion (esp. Islamic traditions and practices, seeing as how I’ve been surrounded by them for ten years)
  • Food (let me know, though. I’m a great cook but not a gourmet chef)

Topics I’ll never write about are:

  • Football (yawn)
  • Cars (yawn,yawn)
  • How stuff works
  • Most technical topics (planes,trains, automobiles, lawnmowers etc. in fact most new gadgets – there are plenty of other writers who can help you that)
  • Fishing
  • Whatsername Cyrus or any other useless celebrity (just on principle)

But don’t think my services end with creating content. I can also do keyword research, write e-reports, build links and even have a custom-made lead-generating website created for you through my friends at DotCom Secrets Local.

You can check out my prices here:



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